TELANGANA: BLF Announces First List of candidates

WITH the Telangana assembly dissolved and the election heat picking up in the state, the Bahujan Left Front (BLF) declared 27 candidates to contest in the upcoming assembly elections. The Central Election Commission officials, who are assessing the situation across the state, are soon to announce the election schedule.

Of the 27 candidates of the BLF, 9 belong to the CPI(M) and 14 belong to the Bahujan Left Party while three are from MCPI and one from the Telangana Bahujan Samaj Party. Eight of the candidates belong to the Scheduled Caste, three to the Scheduled Tribe, 13 OBCs, one minority and two Other Castes. Two of the candidates are women. The BLF has made sure social justice is met in allocating the seats and this has become a point of discussion among the people.

Candidates and supporters are making preparations for holding meetings and rallies in the constituencies.

Except for CPI(M), MBT and RCP, the rest of the parties in the front have no election symbol. The rest of the parties registered themselves with the Election Commission as the Bahujan Left Party (BLP) and were allocated a symbol of farmer with a plough.

The Telangana Rashtra Samiti had announced its list of 105 candidates for the coming elections. There has been criticism on them over allocating seats only to the upper-caste candidates and not adhering to social justice. A growing discontent among the TRS cadre is also seen as most seats have been allocated to the sitting MLAs. The TRS, however, is going ahead with the election campaign in the state.

In the meanwhile the Congress, Telugu Desam Party, CPI and Janasamithi (headed by Kodandaram) have formed a front to fight the elections. The BJP, on the other hand had declared that it would contest as a single party and all the parties have been releasing the list of their candidates.

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