SABARIMALA TEMPLE ISSUE: The BJP’s Ploy and the Congress’ Folly

THE RSS and the BJP have been desperately trying to capture a space for themselves in the political sphere of Kerala for the past many decades. The RSS has been working in Kerala for more than seven or eight decades and has been trying to revive all sorts of obscurantist and superstitious practices...


CITU Congratulates Haryana Roadways Employees For Successful Total...

THE Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), in a statement issued on October 16, has congratulated the Haryana Roadways employees for the successful total strike on its first day (October 16, 2018) of the two days’ strike as per the call of the...


Where Are the Jobs?

ALL the claims made by Prime Minister Modi and his government about the number of jobs being created have proved to be baseless. The harsh reality of rising unemployment is being seen every day.

Capitalism and Third World Development

WHAT we call the third world today did not always exist in its present form. It underwent a specific structural transformation owing to the intrusion of metropolitan capitalism, because of which some economists, starting with Andre Gunder Frank, use the phrase “the development of underdevelopment”.

Smog and Stubble Burning: Farmers as Scapegoats

“SMOG over Delhi and North India as farmers’ burn stubble” scream headlines across media outlets. It is an easy narrative to peddle to city dwellers, but an entirely misplaced one. There are two big reasons why this is so.

The new Rafale Deal: Corrupt and compromise to national security

A seminar on the expose of the Rafale deal was held in the Constitution Club at New Delhi by the Jan Ekta Jan Adhikar Andolan (JEJAA). There were experts who dealt with the topic and exposed the true lies spread by the BJP government and punctured their balloon of “national security rhetoric”.

DYFI to Organise Delhi Chalo Rally on November 3

THE Modi government which completed its four and a half years in office is facing waves of protests one after another from different sections of the people. The present regime has undoubtedly achieved a record in implementing anti- people policies at all levels.

Oust Modi government: Manik Sarkar

"THE country is in a very dangerous situation , which it has never witnessed in the last 71 years of independence; so, it will be a historic task to oust the BJP led government at the centre in the coming Lok Sabha Polls", Manik Sarkar, former Chief Minister of Tripura and Polit Bureau Member of Communist Party of India (Marxist) appealed to the people of Tamil Nadu.

The Migrant Worker in Not So Vibrant Gujarat

IT is well known that the mobility of labour is essential for the survival and reproduction of contemporary corporate capitalism. This is particularly necessary to maintain a supply of surplus labour in order to intensify the accumulation process for the big corporate houses.

AIDWA Denounces BJP-RSS Threats to Women

IN a press statement issued on October 16, the AIDWA has strongly condemned the efforts of BJP-RSS backed right wing groups to create a communal frenzy against the implementation of the orders of the Supreme Court(SC) in the Sabarimala case.

AIKS pays tributes to Com T P Balakrishnan

AIKS pays tributes to Com.T.P.Balakrishnan, member of All India Kisan Council and vice president of Kerala Karshaka Sangham who passed away on October 12, 2018. He was 81 years old.

Lessons of the Defeated Revolutions

At the time Marx set foot on English soil (August 26, 1849) London, with a population of more than two millions, was the world’s largest city and the capital of a developed capitalist country, the “workshop” of the world.