AILU Demands Judicial Enquiry into Death of Judge Loya

THE report of the Caravan magazine about the death of CBI Judge Brijgopal Loya in December 2014 under suspicious circumstances requires judicial enquiry, said the All India Lawyers Union in a statement issued on November 26.

The report, if found true, casts a serious aspersion on the Rule of Law. Enquiry into the facts disclosed in the interviews of the family members of the deceased judge, is necessary to assure the judges who conduct high profile cases involving powerful political leaders.

The report also reveals a disquiet incident involving chief justice Mohit Shah offering Rs 100 crore bribery to Brijgopal Loya on behalf of Amit Shah, the high profile president of BJP. The issue of probity in public life and political and judicial corruption is also involved.

All India lawyers Union demands a judicial inquiry into the matter so that the clouds of suspicion are removed and confidence of the ordinary citizen in the efficacy and honesty of judiciary is restored.

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