CPI(M) Andhra Pradesh State Conference

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CPI(M) Andhra Pradesh State Conference

THE 25th state conference of the CPI(M) Andhra Pradesh state committee was held in Bhimavaram from February 10-12, 2018 in a spirited manner.

Before the inaugural session of the conference, Party senior leader and former MLA, Rudraraju Satyanarayana Raju hoisted the Red flag in Simhadri Siva Reddy hall at Parsa Satyanarayana Nagar (conference venue) and all the delegates, observers paid homage to the martyrs.

While delivering the presidential address on behalf of the reception committee, Party senior leader R Satyanarayana Raju reminded the gathering that Bhimavaram was renowned as the second Bardoli in the independence movement. He hoped that the legacy of heroic struggles during the independence movement, the Communist struggles should inspire the Left cadre for waging future struggles with more conviction.

Y Venkateswara Rao, state secretariat member of the Party, placed the condolence resolution in memory of the departed leaders and people from various walks of life.

Sitaram Yechury, CPI(M) general secretary, addressed the inaugural session and analysed the developments that are taking place at the international, national level and the imperative to conduct struggles by analysing concrete conditions.

The need for the Left parties to play a vital role in thwarting the attacks by the communal forces on democratic, secular forces, on dalits and the minorities, was underscored by the Left parties leaders – CPI state secretary K Rama Krishna, RSP state secretary Janaki Ramulu, Sundara Rama Raju of Forward block, Bangarraju of CPI(ML) Liberation, Govindarajulu of SUCI and Venkat Reddy of MCPI(U). They exhorted the cadre of Left parties to wage united struggles to build an alternative Left Front against the anti-people and anti-worker policies of the BJP.



Huge number of people wearing red shirts along with the delegates and observers participated in the rally which traversed through the thorough fares of Bhimavaram Town for 4 kilometres.

Addressing the public meeting in Alluri Satyanarayana Raju Nagar in Lutheran School Grounds, Sitaram Yechury exuded confidence that Red flag will regain its past glory through sustained struggles. He pointed out that there have been big struggles in various parts of the country against the exploitative policies of the ruling classes. Fearing the rise of struggles against its policies, BJP is trying to create a wedge between the people through its communal policies. There is a threat to the integrity of the country due to the dictatorial policies of the Modi government, he criticised.

RSS is spreading its tentacles in all the organs of the State and its deleterious impact is visible in all the recent happenings, he analysed. There is a sinister conspiracy to muzzle the dissenting voices and the ghastly killings of Govind Pansare, Kalburgi, Gauri Lankesh are a testimony to this. There has been a series of attacks on dalits and minorities in the guise of gau-rakshak  gangs and resistance is also brewing against these dastardly attacks. The coming together of neel and lal forces is a pointer of new social awakening and he called upon the Left forces to take this unity forward for achieving social justice.

Hitler and Indira Gandhi tried to finish off Left forces in the past, but they were squarely defeated by the Red flag, Yechury thundered in the midst of roaring slogans.

Economic inequalities are growing in our country due to the corporate centric policies of the Modi government, and the common people are the worst-hit, due to mindless implementation of demonetisation, GST, he explained.

Yechury lambasted the Modi government as to how it waived around Rs 2 lakh crores in three years of its rule, while not taking concrete measures to address the agricultural distress in our country.

He elaborated on the need to strengthen Left forces to combat the attacks of BJP government on the vast majority of people.

The Modi government did not do anything for the last four years to resolve the post bifurcation issues of AP and the Chandrababu Naidu govern-ment remained nonchalant all this time, he remarked.

Yechury made it abundantly clear that CPI(M) shall struggle both within and outside parliament to bring pressure on the Modi government to implement the provisions in AP Reorganization Act, despite the supine attitude of Chandrababu Naidu towards the Modi government.

BV Raghavulu, CPI(M)  Polit Bureau member, lampooned the leadership of the BJP and TDP for their dramas on the issues of the state. He exposed their treacherous attitude towards the woes of the people of Andhra Pradesh and blasted them for not attending to the sufferings of farmers, who are not getting minimum remunerative prices.

He questioned the studied silence of the YSRCP and the Janasena Party on the attitude of the NDA government towards the state. He advised cine actor-cum-politician Pawan Kalyan to understand the agony of AP people and come for joint struggles instead of merely forming joint action committees.

CPI(M) will firmly be behind the struggles of displaced persons of Polavaram project and the government should not proceed to construct Polavaram before providing rehabilita-tion and resettlement to two lakh tribal people, who are going to be uprooted  due to Polavaram project.

There have been relentless attacks on dalits in AP in the recent past in Garagaparru, Prathipadu etc, and in all these instances it is only the CPI(M) and Left parties who rallied behind the dalits, Raghavulu reminded.

P Madhu, AP state secretary of CPI(M) exuded confidence that the struggles taken up by the CPI(M) on the issues of Tsundurru Mega Aqua food park, DIVIS struggles, Ganapavaram social boycott and the issues of displaced in Vamsadhara, Polavaram have been successful and people are participating in a big way in the
struggles of the Party.

He stated that only the Left forces have got the alternative model for the present disastrous economic, communal policies being implemented by ruling classes and the conference will deliberate on the tactics to devise struggles, campaigns in support of people in the state.

Tammineni Veerabhadram, CPI(M) Telangana state secretary, explained the efforts made to form the Bahujana Left Front in fighting against the oppression of poor, on the economic and social issues in Telangana.

MA Gafoor, Dr M Baburao, D Ramadevi, state secretariat members of CPI(M) also addressed the public meeting which was presided over by  B Balaram, delta secretary, West Godavari district.

Six books printed by Prajasakti in connection with the state conference were released by Party senior leaders RS during the conference.

Various cultural programmes were also held on the occasion of this conference, in the name of Bhimavaram Fest 2018.

Various eminent personalities, cine artists Narayana Rao, Madala Ravi, director Uma Maheshwar Rao, writer Telakapalli Ravi and others participated in these programmes.



The 25th conference of AP CPI(M) resolved that efforts are to be made to strive for unity amongst Left and democratic forces, who adopt progressive, people centric, secular policies in the larger interests of AP people.

This resolution was proposed by MVS Sarma and supported by K Prabhakara Reddy. This resolution was unanimously approved by the conference.



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