Hyderabad Festival Held on the Occasion of CPI(M) 22nd Congress

HYDERABAD is home to many historical and cultural glories. Reflecting some of them, the Hyderabad Fest 2018 is being held at NTR Stadium from April 13-22. Featuring theme-pavilions surrounding tourism, education, public sector undertaking, financial institutions, literature and specific sites catering to cultural performances besides short film fests, art and photography exhibitions, Hyderabad Fest 2018 has it all. Spoorthi Progressive Society, spearheaded by its honorary chairman Chukka Ramaiah is organising this ten-day fest.

Cultural performances are held at the stadium everyday including a mixture of western, classical and folk forms. A science fair in memoriam of scientist Stephen Hawking has been organised, presenting the multifaceted advancements in the medical and the health sector over decades. As a special attraction commemorating the holiday season, the section ‘Balotsav’ targeted at children has various workshops across arts, crafts, poetry and essay writing arenas. A wide range of food courts with Telangana palette, with a special focus on pindi vantakalu, are part of the fest.

In a bid to generate awareness on rights of women around the state, there is a stall ‘Sabala’ featuring many success stories of women and aspects that have lead to their progress in due course.

A short film festival celebrating the talents of budding, aspirant filmmakers across the state is part of the fest. 

As a mark of tribute to Charlie Chaplin on his birthday i.e., April 16, the organisers have screened his select films and hosted various events that threw light on facets that shaped the genius’ career. A photography exhibition featuring caricatures/portraits of Dasaradhi Rangacharya, C Narayana Reddy, Kaloji and other notable literary figures from Telangana has been put up

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