Vol. XLIV No. 39 September 27, 2020

Week-Long Campaign and Protests held

ON the call of the Polit Bureau of the CPI(M), national-level protest week was observed in the country from September 17-22. In some states these protests were held by the mass organisations of the people. The following issues were highlighted in the campaign:

Throttling Democracy

THE truncated monsoon session of parliament has been, in every sense, the worst session of parliament ever held, except probably the one during the emergency in 1976 that adopted the 42nd constitutional amendment meant to facilitate an authoritarian regime.

Modi’s Agriculture Bills Push Imperialist Agenda

THE two bills rammed through parliament last week were objectionable in every conceivable sense. The very fact of their being rammed through the Rajya Sabha, without being put to vote despite demands for a division, was grossly anti-democratic. The fact of the centre making unilateral and fundamental changes in agricultural marketing arrangements which fall within the state list of the seventh schedule of the constitution...

Even with Vaccines, It is a Long and Rocky Road to Immunity

AS the pandemic marches through the world, a number of countries seemed to have given up the fight against Covid-19, and are now waiting for a vaccine to stop the pandemic. With cases exceeding 32 million, and more than a million dead, the world economy has taken a bigger hit than at any other time in the last century.

TRIPURA: BJP Must Stop Interfering in Health Admin & Hospital Management

THE ruling BJP in Tripura must stop its illegal and unethical interference in the health administration as well as in hospital management amid the coronavirus pandemic. It should stop playing with people’s lives and take urgent measures that are necessary for restoration of people’s confidence in government-run hospitals. The BJP-led government must urgently appoint required number of...

Farmers will Resist anti-Farmer Laws

MASSIVE resistance has been built up by the peasantry against the three anti-farmer ordinances/bills. The intense struggles across the country and especially in Punjab, Haryana and Western Uttar Pradesh also created enough pressure to force a union minister, Harsimrat Kaur Badal to resign from the union cabinet in protest against anti-farmer ordinances and legislation. If the legislations are “pro-farmer” as Modi claims, why are farmers coming out in...

Bhagat Singh and Today’s Youth

COME September 27 (September 28 according to some), India will be commemorating the birth anniversary of Shaheed-e-azam Bhagat Singh. An eternal youth icon, Bhagat Singh’s birth anniversary should be an occasion for us to look at the status of youth in our country, the relevance of Bhagat Singh’s ideas, particularly in today’s socio-economic and political situation.

Order an Inquiry into Delhi Riots Investigation

CONGRESS Party treasurer and MP Ahmed Patel, CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury, CPI general secretary D Raja, DMK leader & MP Kanimozhi, RJD leader and MP Manoj Jha met the president of India and handed over a memorandum on September 17

Assault on the Party – 1962-63

IN order to fight the third general elections in 1962, inner Party differences were pushed to the background. The crux of the election tactics decided was to break the monopoly of power of the Congress as it was proving to be a hindrance to the development of democracy and the ‘advancement of people’s cause’. Call was given to increase the representation of communists in the parliament and also in various state legislatures.

Himachal Pradesh: Protest Against Utility charges during Covid Period

SHIMLA Citizens Forum(SCF) held a protest demonstration on September 22 outside the office of the commissioner, Shimla Municipal Corporation(SMC). The protest was held in the backdrop of exorbitant bills being raised by the SMC for garbage, property tax and water charges. Interestingly a large number of business establishments that were closed and continue to be closed since the lockdown was...

Defend the Legacy of Telangana Armed struggle

CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat expressed concern over the great Telangana Armed Struggle being painted as a fight between Muslims and Hindus. She called on the Party cadre to explain to the people that it was a fight for sustenance, land and for abolition of vetti (bonded labour) and a great fight against feudalism.