New Education Policy 2020: A Policy Refuting Federalism and Diversity

EDUCATION is a subject directly or indirectly linked to each and every family of the country irrespective of social, cultural and economic diversity. Hence the National Education Policy should reflect a clear vision on the future of the nation that goes in tandem with the articles and principles set out by the constitution of India. Before proposing new policy, assessment of the success and failures of the action programmes undertaken as a continuation of the earlier policies of 1968, 1986/1992 seems inevitable.

Quarantined Education, Unlocked Students' Protest

SINCE the beginning of the Corona Crisis, SFI has been working with people all over the country. From Himachal to Kerala, along with Gujarat to Assam, SFI is standing by the people and thoroughly engaged in relief work.

During this crisis, super cyclone Amphan devastated vast areas of South Bengal and devastating floods affected huge areas of Assam.In both the situations (Amphan in West Bengal and Assam flood), SFI has been a part of common people's lives as we stood by the people's sufferings.

Post Pandemic Education: Knowledge or Privilege

ON May 20, 2020 various Left students’ organisations along with the elected students’ unions across the country under the banner of ‘All India Forum to Save Public Education’ gave a nationwide protest call, demanding safe return of students stuck outside, rejecting online examination and against the political targeting of student activists. The demands of fee waivers for current semester and immediate disbursement of fellowships were also raised. The campaign received huge participation across the country.

State of Education in Bihar

EDUCATION plays an important role in enriching the lives of individuals and in the development of human capital of a nation. Educational investments have multiple benefits, as it’s a powerful tool for reducing poverty un-employment and inequality.

But in reality, today’s education system is reproducing poverty, unemployment and social inequalities instead of removing them. It’s the responsibility of the government to take the sector like education as its priority to make a country or state to progress.

DELHI: DTF Scores Historic Victory in DUTA Elections

The victory of the Democratic Teachers’ Front (DTF) in the elections for the post of President and membership of the Executive of the Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) held on August 29, is a historic victory. Rajib Ray, the DTF candidate for the post of DUTA president, was elected for a second term defeating in a straight contest the BJP-affiliated National Democratic Teachers’ Front (NDTF). The Congress-affiliated groups had not put up any candidate for the post.

On the Draft National Policy on Education

ONE cannot but be struck by the tone of smug self-satisfaction that pervades this report, that India was the origin of most great ideas including the Pythagoras theorem and the Fibonacci series, that Indian universities like Nalanda and Taxila were unique and unparalleled institutions, and that Sanskrit has a literature that is larger than Latin and Classical Greek combined, and so on. In fact the report recommends the setting up of a Mission Nalanda and Mission Taxila to revive old glory.

79th Session of Indian History Congress at Bhopal

THE Indian History Congress, the major forum of Indian historians since 1935, was due to meet for its 79th session at the invitation of Savitribai Phule University, Pune, on December 28-30, 2018. About 1,500 members had paid delegate fee of Rs 2000 each by December 1, the last day set for it. But on December 10, barely a fortnight before the session was to be held; the host university announced that they would not be able to hold the session.


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