Vol. XLIII No. 07 February 17, 2019

Martyr Abhimanyu

N S Sajith

THE people of Kerala, particularly student community, have emotionally bid adieu to a young student who aspired to become a scientist. Abhimanyu was killed by a terror squad belonging to Campus Front, a student outfit of an Islamic Terror group. Abhimanyu, an SFI leader who belonged to a remote hamlet of Vattavada in high range district, Idukki was stabbed to death at 12.30 am on July 2.  Just 20 years old, Abhimanyu was a staunch fighter of SFI and a brilliant student at Maharajas College, who became the victim of communal elements, who has recently spread in certain campuses of Kerala. He was a member of SFI's Idukki district. Another SFI worker Arjun was admitted to a hospital with fatal injuries. His condition is still critical.

A gang of SDPI- Campus Front activists from outside barged into the campus in the midnight and with lethal weapons hastily attacked the SFI workers without any provocation. According to the post mortem report, a sharp edged weapon was pierced into his heart which caused the death on the spot. These students were engaged in the decoration of campus premises to welcome the new batch of students in the current academic year. It is evident that, a well trained killing squad has been deputed to execute the gruesome murder.

Abhimanyu's body was cremated in a cemetery in Kottakambur near his birth place. Soon after the post mortem, the body was kept in Maharajas College and people from all walks of life paid rich tributes and homage.   

The painful incident sparked an extraordinary protest among the people of Kerala. The students and youth forwarded and shared the photos, and videos of Abhimanyu's songs and speeches. Political leaders and intelligentsia came forward to condemn the dastardly killing of the student leader. CPI(M) has decided to launch a wide spread campaign against the Islamic terror groups. Poets like, Balachandran Chullikkad and K G Shanakarappillai have criticised the cruel murder.  

The police arrested three SDPI goons and 12 persons belonging to the killer gang were also identified. Eight motorcycles were also captured by the police. A thorough raid is conducted by the police in SDPI offices across the state.

Abhimanyu, son of a tribal couple, had completed plus two course with high marks. The pathetic financial condition of these plantation labourers restricted two elder children (Kausalya and Parijith) from higher studies. The academic brilliance of Abhimanyu compelled them to borrow money from neighbours to fulfill the younger son's aspirations. He even worked during night pasting movie posters in the streets to finance his studies. He had just returned from Vattavada after attending the DYFI block conference.

Simon Britto, former SFI leader who too was attacked 35 years ago in the same Maharajas college by the Congress goons condoled the death of Abhimanyu. Simon Britto was paralysed in the attack.

In Kerala, about 34 SFI activists were killed by the political opponents between 1971 and 2017.