Vol. XLIII No. 10 March 08, 2019

Adivasi Women and their Labour under the BJP Regime

Archana Prasad

largely picked by women are negligible and most of the royalty cost is cost of safeguarding the produce. The royalty for ‘higher value produce’ like lac, gum karaya and other produce which needs implements and are collected is higher in nominal terms but a smaller proportion of the minimum support price(MSP).
Further, the MSP recommended by the expert institution (i.e. TERI) is higher than the one declared by the government in 2017. Therefore, even in this unfair method of the determination of prices, the union government has resorted to a price squeeze. While the important and urgent struggle against evictions is intensifying, these multiple dimensions of dispossession must not only be kept in mind, but also articulated in a forceful manner.