January 19, 2014
AIDWA Protests Fuel Price Hike in Tamilnadu

S P Rajendran

HUNDREDS of activists of the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) staged a demonstration outside Indian Oil Bhavan, Chennai last week, condemning the hike in prices of LPG. Members of North-South Chennai district committees of AIDWA raised slogans against the union government for the steep hike in the cost of LPG cylinders. AIDWA state secretary K Radhai said people now had to pay Rs 1,284 for a non-subsidised gas cylinder. This would further add to the burden of people who are already affected by the increase in the prices of essential commodities. The union government must withdraw the price hike, said the protesters and also demanded that the government provide 12 subsidised gas cylinders every year. Devi, former Chennai Corporation councilor of the CPI(M), said the government must fix prices of fuel and LPG and not allow oil companies to revise it. Petroleum majors increased prices frequently and added to the woes of consumers, she said. The protesters also demanded that the government withdraw proposals to link Aadhar card with gas subsidy. They said lakhs of city residents were yet to get Aadhar cards. Not everybody had a bank account, and even in the case of account holders, it would be difficult for them to keep a tab on the subsidy amount being deposited in their accounts. AIDWA and DYFI organised protests against the fuel price hike at various centres in Tamilnadu. At Salem, state leaders of AIDWA N Amirtham and P Sugandhi led a protest.