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Tamil Nadu: CPI(M) Leaders Urge People to Defeat the anti-People BJP and AIADMK

TAMIL NADU, one of the leading developed states in the country is suffering in recent times under the indifferent and vindictive attitude of the central government led by the communal BJP denying the hard-earned rights of the state all along. On its part, the corrupt AIADMK government in the state had no qualms in mortgaging those rights of people just to save their skins. Though numerous struggles were conducted to safeguard the rights of the state, the voices of the people are being muzzled up by these pro-corporate parties.  

CPI(M) Re-Nominates Sitting MPs from Two Lok Sabha Seats in Tripura

ON March 12, Left Front announced the names of candidates for the two Lok Sabha seats of Tripura. Shankar Prasad Datta, sitting MP, member of CPI(M) state committee and general secretary of CITU Tripura state committee, will again contest from Tripura  West Constituency,  while Jitendra Choudhury,  CPI(M) central committee member and chief whip of CPI(M) in Lok Sabha will contest again from the East Tripura (ST) reserved seat.

TELANGANA: CPI(M) Demands Increase in MSP; Stands with Agitating Famers

THE CPI(M) Telangana state committee has condemned the recent lathicharge on turmeric and red jowar farmers of Armoor and Nizamabad. The farmers were headed towards the state capital to protest against lack of minimum support price (MSP) as per the norms. Stating that violence could not solve any problem, CPI(M) demanded support price for red jowar and turmeric in addition to establishing a Turmeric Board soon.

Jobless Growth under UPA to Jobloss Growth under Modi

THE Indian economy in the 70s and 80s were marked with moderate growth rates of 3 to 4 per cent and registered up to 2 per cent growth in employment (SWI-2018). But markedly the post reform period of the 90s and 2000s clocked less than even 1 per cent of growth in employment corresponding to an economic growth of 7-8 per cent. This was also a period of a structural transformation with a reduced workforce in agriculture with even the absolute number falling since 2004. Increasingly people were on the lookout for non-farm employment with construction and NREGS supplementing it.

Last Years

THROUGH Bismarck’s Emergency Laws against, the Socialist German Workers, movement, the route to the Karlsbad water cure, which had done Marx so much good, was barred to him. From 1878 on his physical suffering grew worse again and hindered him increasingly in his work. But he was not the man to give in to illness and pain. In this sense also he fought to the end.

National Conference on Agrarian Crisis

OVER 300 participants including intellectuals, university professors, college students, scientists, bankers, lawyers, labour unions, women’s organizations, social activists, media-persons and others, deliberated on the continuing agrarian crisis over three days on March 01–03 at the national conference of the ‘Nation for Farmers Forum’ in the India International Centre, New Delhi. Very significantly, the audience in the India International Centre included large numbers of young people, several in their early twenties.

LDF Candidates Announced

ON March 9, before the announcement of schedule for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Left Democratic Front in Kerala announced its candidates for the 20 constituencies in the state. CPI(M) is contesting 16 seats and CPI in four. Six MLA’s and six sitting MP’s are in the fray, CPI(M) state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said in a media conference at Thiruvananthapuram.

CPI(M) central committee member and MP, K Sreemathy will contest again in Kannur. A former health minister of Kerala during 2006-011, Sreemathy also functions as AIDWA’s all India treasurer.

Industrial Workers Fight for Rights in Special ‘Japanese & ‘South Korean Zones’ in India

ON the very first day of the two-day countrywide general strike by workers on January 8-9, police in the Congress-ruled Rajasthan lathi-charged, used teargas and fired on the peaceful assembly of the workers in front of Japanese company Daikin Airconditioning Private Limited in the so-called ‘Japanese Zone’ in the Neemrana industrial area in Alwar district. Several workers were injured in the police action. The police also filed false cases against several workers and arrested them, 18 of them are still in jail.


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